What is beekeeping smoker?

Beekeeping smoker is used to calm the bees.

It is a tool with bellows that produces smoke.

When you open the beehive for inspection or some other action, the bees become nervous. In order to calm your bees, you need to smoke them. When the bees sense the smoke they eat some honey and then they are calmer and less likely to attack the beekeeper.

The beekeeping smoker can be either manual or electric.



How to light beekeeping smoker?


Beekeeping equipment and supplies you need:

- Beekeeping smoker

- Lighter (or matches)

- Paper (old newspapers)

- Rotten dry wood

Steps to light beekeeping smoker: 

1Take a piece of paper, crumple it, light it up and put it in beekeeping smoker (turn the flame down).

2Put some crushed dry rotten wood over it.

3Pump the bellows all the time

4Add smaller, then larger pieces of dry rotten wood

5Pump bellows until you're sure the beekeeping smoker is burning. There will be no flames but only smoke.

6Close the beekeeping smoker


You should always start the smoker before you put on protective clothing because the heat can destroy the protective mesh. And your protective suit will no longer be protective.


How to use beekeeping smoker to smoke the bees?

beekeeping equipment you need:

- Beekeeping smoker

- To open the beehive you need a hive tool

Steps to use beekeeping smoker: 

1Before you open the beehive - smoke the hive entrance.

1Put the top of beekeeping smoker close to the hive entrance.

2Squeeze the bellows 3-4 times so that smoke enters to the hive through the hive entrance.


2When you open the beehive - smoke over the frames.

1Remove the outer and inner cover and feeder.

2Before you take out any frame, smoke over frames by squeezing the bellows 3-4 times.

3In the same way smoke every box that you want to examine.


When you smoke over the box, the bees will go down, put their heads in the honeycomb cells and begin to eat honey. And they will be much calmer.


Sometimes during your work with bees, you will need to occasionally smoke them again in order to calm them down and make them less disturbing. Sometimes when you open the box if there are no bees at the top of frames, it may not be necessary to smoke. You will quickly get the feeling when you need to smoke bees and when not.


Too much smoke can damage the bees, so you should smoke bees only when needed.


When you are done, always open and empty the smoker and leave it open until it cools down. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to open and empty it when it cools down.



What to use as a beekeeping smoker fuel?

Wood for the smoker should be rotten but dry, so it can be crumbled in the hand. It's the wood that has been outside for some time, such as fallen branches. But it must be completely dry before use, so it can burn.

If you do not have the ability to find such rotten wood, you can buy beekeeping smoker fuel at some beekeeping supplies store.


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