What are worker bees?

- There are several thousand worker bees in the colony. The strength of the colony depends on their number. The number changes during the year - the smallest is at the end of the winter and then increases rapidly.


Worker bees on frames
Worker bees on frames 🐝🐝🐝


- These are females that do not mate and do not lay eggs

- They live for about 6 weeks, except those that overwinter. The queen does not lay eggs during the winter, so the bees that hatch in the fall live for several months until the spring.


Worker bee closeup
Worker bee 🐝



- Worker bees are smaller than queens and drones.

- They have a long tongue that can easily reach the nectar from the bottom of the flower.

- Legs are adapted for collecting pollen.

- They have wax and royal jelly glands.


Worker bee on flower
Here is one little worker bee on flower collecting pollen and nectar 🌸  


What does worker bees do?

Workers bees do all the work inside and outside the hive:

- They feed the brood and keep it warm,

- produce royal jelly for feeding larvae up to 3 days old and queen,

- serve the queen,

- produce wax and build honeycombs,

- seal holes and cracks with propolis,

- collect pollen and nectar,

- make honey,

- bring water,

- guard and clean the hive...



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