Who is quen bee?

Queen bee is the only female in the beehive that lays eggs.


Queen bee
Qeen bee marked with green dot 🐝


- Each colony must have exactly one queen.

- The only role the queen has is to lay eggs, which she does for 8 to 10 months a year, and to hold the colony together with her scents.

- She usually lives for 4-5 years (although she can live up to 7 years). During this time she lays about one and a half million eggs. The highest fertility is in the first year and at the beginning of the second. After that egg-laying ability decreases, which is why beekeepers usually don't keep queens older than two years.


Worker bee takes care of her queen
The larger one is queen bee and the smaller one is worker bee. Both are females but only queen can lay eggs 🐝


Each colony have only one queen

If the bees want to replace an old or a weak queen, it may happen that two queens appear in the colony and when they meet they fight and one of them kills another.



Queen doesn't come out of a hive

The only time when the queen flies from the hive is to mate, or when the hive swarms. The number of bees in the hive and therefore the strength of the colony depends on the quality of the queen and its ability to lay eggs.




Bees and their queen
Queen is bigger than other bees. This queen is not marked. You can see her in the middle, surrounded with bees 🐝


- The body is slightly longer and more slender than worker bees and drones, so it's easy to distinguish it, and it's often marked on the back to make it easier to see among other bees.

- The legs are longer and stronger than the worker bees and are not suitable for collecting pollen and cleaning the body.

- The sting is bent down. It is used in the fight with another queen, and as an organ for laying eggs into the honeycomb cells.

- The wings are shorter than the body.



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