Who are Drones?

- Drones are males.

- Their main role is to mate with the queen.

- The presence of drones affects the work of worker bees and the functioning of the entire colony, keeping it in the best possible biological rhythm.


Drones are only males in hive



- Drones have strong wings and big eyes that help them to see and catch the queen in the air for mating.

- They do not have a stinger.

- They do not have a long tongue for collecting nectar.

- They do not have wax and royal jelly glands.


Drones don't sting. They don't have stinger 


Why bees evict drones out of the hive?


Bees evict drone from the hive
Those two bees evict this drone out of the hive in order to save honey for cold moths ☃️


- In autumn, when the honey flow is over and there is no brood and the queen is mated, the bees instinctively throw drones out of the hive.

- The time when the drones are thrown out of the hive does not depend on the calendar but on the need of the colony and the amount of summer honey flow.

- At the same time, their larvae and pupae are also removed.

A beekeeper novice is scared when he sees thrown drone brood at the hive entrance. But the experienced beekeeper will know that it's just a sign that everything is fine in the bee colony. The great delay with drone eviction is a sign that there is no queen or that she is incapable of laying eggs.



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